In Oracle Cloud, a Spinnaker Account maps to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure user.

When setting up your Oracle Cloud provider account, you will use halyard to add the account.


You will need the following to enable Oracle Cloud provider in Spinnaker:

  • A user in IAM for the person or system who will be using Spinnaker, and put that user in at least one IAM group with any desired permissions. See Adding Users.
  • The user’s home region. See Managing Regions. (e.g. --region us-ashburn-1)
  • RSA key pair in PEM format (minimum 2048 bits). See How to Generate an API Signing Key. (e.g. --ssh-private-key-file-path /home/ubuntu/.oci/myPrivateKey.pem)
  • Fingerprint of the public key. See How to Get the Key’s Fingerprint. (e.g. --fingerprint 11:22:33:..:aa)
  • Tenancy’s OCID and user’s OCID. See Where to Get the Tenancy’s OCID and User’s OCID. (e.g. --tenancyId ocid1.tenancy.oc1..aa... --user-id ocid1.user.oc1..aa...)
  • Compartment OCID: On Oracle Cloud Console, open the navigation menu. Under Governance and Administration, go to Identity and click Compartments. See Managing Compartments. (e.g. --compartment-id ocid1.compartment.oc1..aa...)
  • Upload the public key from the key pair in the Console. See How to Upload the Public Key.

Add an Oracle Cloud account

  1. Run the following hal command to add an account named my-oci-acct to your list of Oracle Cloud accounts:

    hal config provider oracle account add my-oci-acct \
        --compartment-id $COMPARTMENT_OCID \
        --fingerprint $API_KEY_FINGERPRINT \
        --region $REGION \
        --ssh-private-key-file-path $PRIVATE_KEY_FILE \
        --tenancyId $TENANCY_OCID \
        --user-id $USER_OCID

    For example

    hal config provider oracle account edit my-oci-acct \
        --compartment-id ocid1.compartment.oc1..aaaaaaaatjuwhxwkspkxhumqke4o73b2b \
        --fingerprint 8f:05:f4:94:f3:5f:e3:30:ec:35 \
        --region us-phoenix-1 \
        --ssh-private-key-file-path /home/user/.oci/oci_api_key.pem \
        --tenancyId ocid1.tenancy.oc1..aaaaaaaa225wmphohi3iiyxxxjruo \
        --user-id ocid1.user.oc1..aaaaaaaagosdr3zsh67tvgpnmw42ywqc
  2. Enable the Oracle Cloud provider:

    hal config provider oracle enable