Managed Delivery FAQ

Questions and answers about Managed Delivery.

What is happening?

Spinnaker is managing this resource. That means that the state of this resource is controlled using a declarative config submitted to Spinnaker.

Can I make changes in the UI to this resource?

Nope. Well, you can, but they will be almost immediately stomped to return to the declared state.

Who is the source of truth for that declared state?

Spinnaker is.

Then why do I have code checked into a repo?

To help you keep your resources in a known good state. You must publish these resource configs to Spinnaker every time they change in order for that change to be reflected in Spinnaker.

What if I want to stop managing this resource declaratively?

Send us a DELETE for the config of this resource. We will stop managing the resource, and you can make changes like normal. The infrastructure will not be deleted.

Where are the getting started docs?

They’re at /docs/reference/managed-delivery/getting-started .