Enable Slack Support Channels

Connect Spinnaker applications to specific Slack channels with Slack’s conversations API.

You can create an application and configure it with relevant data—application attributes.

Including a Slack support channel for an application is a configurable application attribute. This feature communicates with Slack’s conversations API to expose a list of available Slack channels in your workspace. The Slack support channel feature is supported by all providers.



You need an API token associated with your Slack workspace for gate to receive a list of channels from Slack’s API. See the Slack documentation if you need to create a Slack token. Add this token in the config for gate’s encrypted secrets.


The base url for the Slack API is also needed in gate.yml. This does not need to be encrypted.

  baseUrl: https://slack.com/api


The UI components in deck are protected with a feature flag in the application settings, settings.netflix.ts. To activate this feature you need to enable this flag to true.

feature: {
  slack: true,

If your workspace’s base URL is anything other than https://slack.com, then you need to configure this as well. This base URL is used to construct the link for accessing a Slack support channel.

  slack: {
    baseUrl: 'https://my-cool-workspace.slack.com',
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