Git-Based Workflows

Create and update Managed Delivery configurations using a Git-based workflow.

Spinnaker supports git-based workflows to create and update Managed Delivery configurations. This allows you to keep your Managed Delivery configuration in code and follow all the usual best practices like code review and approvals before a change is introduced to your managed resources, environments or deployments.

Git support is currently achieved via a pipeline configured with a trigger that can provide source repository information (such as a Git trigger) and containing a single Import Delivery Config stage. This stage will retrieve a Delivery Config manifest from the repository associated with your pipeline’s trigger, then save (or update) it in Spinnaker so it will automatically monitor and manage the resources, environments and deployments described in the manifest.

Here’s what it looks like in the UI:

Configuration is very straightforward: your Spinnaker operator will have configured a default “base path” under which to look for manifest files in your source code repos (.spinnaker, in this example) and you only need to specify the name of the manifest file if it’s not the default shown in the placeholder text (spinnaker.yml, in the example).

Eventually, we might add support for direct monitoring of git commit events to Managed Delivery so that you don’t even need a pipeline, but for now, this is the way to do it.