Goal: One of the best ways to learn Spinnaker is to use Spinnaker. This project provides a hosted playground version of Spinnaker aimed for new users to test out its UI and core features.

Status: Active

Source Code:


  • Student: Daniel Ko
  • Mentor(s): Fernando Freire, Dan Johnston, Cameron Motevasselani



Spinnaker is a mature open source continuous delivery software platform used and contributed by Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix and Google. A common pain point for users who wish to test out Spinnaker is the overwhelming complexity of the setup process; users must have a Kubernetes cluster to deploy client applications, figure out what environment to deploy Spinnaker, and deal with a laundry list of configuration settings such as storage devices and authentication.

While auto configuration scripts such as Minnaker have been developed, a public hosted solution is more ideal for newcomers. A trend in outreach within the open source software community is to develop interactive versions of products that you can run from any web browser. Example would include Go Playground and Play with Docker . These services brings in potential users and spreads awareness to the open source project. The purpose of this project is to host a playground version of Spinnaker aimed for new users to test out its UI and core features which can be can easily accessed from their web browsers.

Project Details

Key features include

  • IaC via Terraform to host on AWS using an EKS cluster
  • Deployment of Spinnaker via Armory’s open source Spinnaker Operator
  • Kubernetes deployment via Spinnaker
  • AWS Load Balancer Controller to expose deployments
  • User authentication via Google OAuth 2.0
  • Private ECR registry
  • Block all public images via Portieris
  • Script to deploy default pipelines
    • Auto resource cleanup
    • Deploy demo web app
    • Deploy using highlander strategy