Triggering pipelines with Bitbucket Server

Trigger Spinnaker pipelines based on Bitbucket Server webhook events.

Overview of supported Bitbucket Server events

Spinnaker supports the following Bitbucket Server webhook events:

  • Declined (pr:declined)
  • Deleted (pr:deleted)
  • Merged (pr:merged)
  • Modified/Source branch updated (pr:from_ref_updated)
  • Opened (pr:opened)
  • Push (repo:refs_changed)

Before you begin

Add a Bitbucket webhook event as a pipeline trigger

  1. In your pipeline, go to Configuration > Automated Triggers.

  2. Configure a new trigger with the following information:

    • Type: Git
    • Repo Type: bitbucket
    • Team or User: enter your Bitbucket team or user name
    • Repo name: enter your Bitbucket repo name
    • Branch: enter your branch name (optional)
    • Artifact Constraints: select a constraint (optional)
    • Trigger Enabled: select the box


Check the Echo log for webhook activity.