Operator Guides

Operator guides for setting up, operating, and migrating Spinnaker components.

Custom CAs for Webhooks

Webhook stages let Spinnaker make HTTP(S) calls to external web services.

Custom Job Stages

For users of Kubernetes or Titus, Custom Job Stages offer a native solution for enhancing Spinnaker’s functionality with the power of containers.

Custom Webhook Stages

Custom webhook stages provide a simple, yet powerful, way of adding custom stages to Spinnaker.

Deploy Custom Spinnaker Builds

A BOM describes a specific release of Spinnaker, composed of many microservices, with independent versions built and tested together. Those versions are recorded in a BOM.

Echo: Cassandra to In-Memory

Configuring Echo to use an in-memory scheduler.

Front50: Cassandra to Object Store (S3, Azure, or GCS)

Migrate from Cassandra to cloud-based persistent storage.

Front50: Cassandra to Redis

Migrate from Cassandra to Redis.

Hiding Stages

Stages can be hidden from end users using a property called hiddenStages in a custom profile for Deck.

Orca: Redis to SQL Migration

Migrate Orca from Redis to SQL, for resilience.

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