Configure Bitbucket Artifact Credentials

Spinnaker supports reading data from Bitbucket artifacts directly.

If the files are hidden behind basic auth, you can configure an artifact account with the needed credentials to read your artifact.


  1. Collect your basic auth $USERNAME and $PASSWORD

  2. Pick a $USERNAME_PASSWORD_FILE location on your disk

  3. Run:


Edit your artifact settings

  1. Collect the $USERNAME_PASSWORD_FILE value returned from the prerequisites section above.

  2. Enable artifact support .

  3. Enable the Bitbucket artifact provider:

    hal config artifact bitbucket enable
  4. Add an artifact account:

    hal config artifact bitbucket account add my-bitbucket-account \
        --username-password-file $USERNAME_PASSWORD_FILE

There are more options described here if you need more control over your configuration.

Last modified May 4, 2021: rest of migration (700781a)