Configure Everything Else

Once Spinnaker is configured, you can enable additional functionality. For example, connect Spinnaker to your continuous integration system.

You’ve installed and configured Spinnaker , but there are still a few other things to set up:

Server Group Launch Settings

Configure instance configuration for your server groups.

Configure Artifacts

Artifacts are remote, deployable resources in Spinnaker.


Spinnaker includes Hashicorp’s Packer as a default image bakery.


Spinnaker has multiple options for both authentication and authorization

Set Up Triggers

You can configure Spinnaker to automatically perform actions based on certain triggers.

Install and Configure Spin CLI

In addition to the UI and API, you can use the spin CLI to manage applications and pipelines


Spinnaker can listen to events and collect artifacts produced by external Continuous Integration (CI) systems.


Spinnaker supports custom log configuration including structured logging.


Each Spinnaker microservice is instrumented with numerous metrics exposed via a built in endpoint.

Set up Canary Analysis Support

Set up Automated Canary Analysis to perform Canary deployments with Spinnaker.

Additional Features

Configure additional features like notifications, user data, Slack support.

Clouddriver Account Management

Clouddriver can load and store accounts in a database for dynamic account management.

External Account Configuration

You can manage some Spinnaker configurations externally, which allows you to load them dynamically.

Last modified May 4, 2021: rest of migration (700781a)