Cloud Foundry

Learn how Spinnaker features map to Cloud Foundry.

If you are not familiar with Cloud Foundry (CF) or any of the terms used below, please consult Cloud Foundry’s reference documentation .

Resource mapping


In CF, an Account maps to a user account on a CF foundation (where a foundation is a BOSH Director and all the VMs it deploys). This user account is provided via configuration to Spinnaker, and Spinnaker’s privileges are determined by the CF user account’s permissions; for example, Spinnaker can manage CF apps across all of the orgs and spaces which its CF user account can access.

A Spinnaker instance can use multiple CF user accounts to access one or multiple CF foundations.

Load Balancer

A Spinnaker Load Balancer maps to a CF route , which is associated with a CF app and does not have a separate resource name. The name of the route is the fully-qualified path, including host, domain, port, and path. A Load Balancer is created as part of a Server Group definition.



Server Group

A Spinnaker Server Group maps to a deployment of a CF app in a specific foundation, org, and space. The CF app is named as APPNAME_STACK_DETAIL_VERSION, where APP_NAME is the app’s name in Spinnaker. If the app was deployed by Spinnaker, the CF app name will also include an appended -V with a version number.

When configuring a Server Group, you can either provide a manifest for your CF app or enter the parameters directly into the form (direct).


A Spinnaker Region maps to a CF space . The Region is named as “ORG > SPACE”, where “ORG” is the name of the CF org and “SPACE” is the name of the CF space.


A Spinnaker Server Group Instance maps to a CF app instance.

Operation mapping


Deploys a CF app (cf push). A deployment of a Server Group in Spinnaker causes a new CF app deployment.


Deletes a CF app (cf delete). Deletion of a Server Group in Spinnaker causes deletion of a CF app.


Scales a CF app up or down (cf scale).


Starts a CF app (cf start). Enabling a Server Group in Spinnaker causes a stopped CF app to start.


Stops a CF app (cf stop). Disabling a Server Group in Spinnaker causes a CF app to stop.


Starts the previous version of the Server Group (cf start) and disables the current running Server Group (cf stop).

Terminate Instance

Restarts a CF app instance. In CF, “Terminate Instance” is index-based. In the Spinnaker Server Group Instance name, the last digit is the CF app instance index .

Load Balancer Create

A Load Balancer is created as part of a Server Group definition.

Load Balancer Delete

Deletes a CF route.

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