Runbooks on how to configure different options available for Spinnaker.

API Rate Limiting

If your Spinnaker deployment interacts with API clients, the API rate limiter can help keep it reliable during traffic spikes and protect it from rogue clients.

Caching: Account Name Based Sharding

How to shard caching agents among the available caching pods based on the account name

Orca: Quality of Service

Spinnaker includes an optional Quality of Service (QoS) module you can use to manage how many active executions run simlutaneously.

Orca: Zombie Executions

A zombie execution is one whose status is RUNNING, but there are no messages in Orca’s work queue or unacked set.

Sharding Spinnaker

How to shard traffic to different areas of Spinnaker, in case a service doesn’t efficiently serve all queries with a single instance of Orca or Clouddriver.

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