Set Up Spinnaker

Instructions for installing and setting up Spinnaker.

These pages contain instructions for installing and setting up Spinnaker

Try it out

If you’re new to Spinnaker and you want a quick way to evaluate it, try out one of the quickstart solutions . These are demos for evaluation only and are not suitable for use in production.

Install it

If you want a more serious, scalable deployment of Spinnaker continue here to installation guide. All other resources on this Setup page will assume you’re following those instructions.

Find out more

  • If you’re curious how Spinnaker works, take a look at the Spinnaker Architecture .
  • Take a look at the Releases page to pick a version of Spinnaker to install.

Then what?

After you’ve done all this setup stuff, go to Get started using Spinnaker to get to work.

Demo/Evaluation Installations

Quickstart solutions that gives you the ability to try Spinnaker out quickly. These are not meant for production use as is.

Install and Configure Spinnaker

Describes how to install and set up Spinnaker so that it can be configured for use in production.

Configure Everything Else

Once Spinnaker is configured, you can enable additional functionality. For example, connect Spinnaker to your continuous integration system.

Productionize Spinnaker

Spinnaker is a large system, made of many microservices, each intended to be scaled, restarted, and configured independently.

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