User Guides

Guides for everything from getting started to using pipelines, providers, deployment strategies, and more.

Get Started Using Spinnaker

Get started using Spinnaker

Application User Guide

A Spinnaker application represents a service that you are going to deploy (typically a microservice).

Using Spinnaker for Automated Canary Analysis

Automated canary analysis lets you partially roll out a change then evaluate it against the current deployment to assess its performance.

General Purpose Tagging Guide

Use entity tags, Spinnaker’s provider-agnostic tagging capability.

Customizing Instance Links

Give users links to common features of their apps


Guides to help you use the Kubernetes provider.

Managed Delivery

Manage software delivery declaratively using Spinnaker.

Pipeline User Guide

The pipeline is the key deployment management construct in Spinnaker.

Plugin User Guide

Add, configure, and deploy plugins to Spinnaker.

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