In Spinnaker, a Cloud Provider is an interface to a set of virtual resources over which Spinnaker has control.

In Spinnaker, a Cloud Provider is an interface to a set of virtual resources that Spinnaker has control over. Typically, this is a IaaS provider, like AWS , or GCP , but it can also be a PaaS, like App Engine , or a container orchestrator, like Kubernetes .

The cloud provider is central to everything you do in Spinnaker. It’s where you deploy your Server Groups, the source of your deployable artifacts, and the subject of automation via Pipelines .


In Spinnaker, an Account is a named credential Spinnaker uses to authenticate against a cloud provider. Each provider has slightly different requirements for what format credentials can be in, and what permissions they need to have afforded to them. The links under Supported Providers describe exactly how to create an account and register the credentials with Halyard.

Keep in mind that every Provider can have as many accounts added as desired - this will allow you to keep your environments (e.g. staging vs. prod) separate, as well as restrict access to sets of resources using Spinnaker’s Authorization mechanisms.

Supported providers

These are the cloud providers currently supported by Spinnaker:

Setup instructions for providers are here

If you see a provider missing from this list that you feel Spinnaker should support, we gladly welcome your contributions. Please reach out to us on the #dev channel on Slack for help getting started, and check out the Contributing Guide for pointers and guidelines.