Managed Delivery

Manage software delivery declaratively using Spinnaker.

Getting started

When you’re ready to give Managed Delivery a try, check out the Getting started page.

Managed Delivery Overview

Managed Delivery concepts

Getting Started

Get started with Managed Delivery using EC2 or Titus.


Use the Managed Delivery API endpoints.

Managed Delivery Artifacts

Managed delivery with debians and Docker images.

Delivery Configs

Group resources together in a single file.

Environment Constraints

Environment constraints control how an artifact version flows through environments.

Git-Based Workflows

Create and update Managed Delivery configurations using a Git-based workflow.

Mark an Artifact as Bad

Mark an artifact “bad” so it doesn’t get deployed.

Pin an Environment

Pin an environment to an artifact version so that environment doesn’t change.

Resource Status

Learn how to find resources’ status.

Managed Delivery FAQ

Questions and answers about Managed Delivery.

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