Fiat Permissions

Igor, the Spinnaker service that connects to CI systems, requires READ and WRITE permissions, which are configured in Fiat.

Unless you have set fiat.legacyFallback to true (defaults to false) you will need to configure Igor CI services with Fiat READ and WRITE permissions.

Here is a Jenkins example:

  enabled: true
  - name: <jenkins master name>
    address: http://<jenkins ip>/jenkins
    username: <jenkins admin user>
    password: <admin password>
    csrf: true
      - foo
      - bar
      - bar

In the example above, users with the foo or bar roles will be able to see the build master and use it as a trigger, and users with the bar role will additionally be able to trigger builds.

Users without these roles will not see the build master in Deck at all.

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