Oracle Cloud

Spinnaker supports OAuth 2.0 for authentication with Oracle Cloud OAuth.

Configuring Oracle Cloud OAuth 2.0

Consult the Oracle Cloud Documentation to set up OAuth 2.0 and obtain a client ID and client secret.

Configure Halyard

You may configure Halyard either with the CLI or by manually editing the hal config.

Hal config

      enabled: true
        clientId: # client ID from above
        clientSecret: # client secret from above
        accessTokenUri: https://idcs-${idcsTenantId}
        userAuthorizationUri: https://idcs-${idcsTenantId}
        scope: openid urn:opc:idm:__myscopes__
        userInfoUri: https://idcs-${idcsTenantId}
      # You may want to restrict access to your Spinnaker by adding
      # userInfoRequirements to further restrict access beyond simply requiring
      # that users have a valid account.
      userInfoRequirements: {}
        email: ''
        firstName: given_name
        lastName: family_name
        username: preferred_username
      provider: ORACLE


hal config security authn oauth2 edit --provider oracle \
  --client-id (client ID from above) \
  --client-secret (client secret from above)

hal config security authn oauth2 enable

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