Triggers Overview

A pipeline trigger defines when to automatically run a pipeline.

There are many types of triggers available: Jenkins jobs, webhooks, CRON jobs, and even other pipelines. Adding a trigger to your pipeline means that the pipeline runs each time the triggering event occurs.

Note that whether or not you have set up a pipeline trigger, you can always run your pipeline manually .

Triggering pipelines with Bitbucket Server

Trigger Spinnaker pipelines based on Bitbucket Server webhook events.

Triggering pipelines on receiving CDEvents

Use a CDEvent to trigger a pipeline.

Receiving artifacts from GCS

Configure Spinnaker to trigger pipelines based on changes in a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket and inject changed GCS objects as artifacts into a pipeline.

Receiving artifacts from GitHub

Trigger pipelines based on commits to a GitHub repository, and inject changed GitHub files as artifacts.

Triggering pipelines with Jenkins

Add a Jenkins trigger to your pipeline.

Triggering pipelines with Artifactory

Add a JFrog Artifactory trigger to your pipeline.

Triggering on Pub/Sub Messages

Trigger pipelines from Pub/Sub messages.

Triggering on Webhooks

Use a webhook to trigger a pipeline.

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