Configuring Oracle Object Storage Artifact Credentials

Spinnaker supports ORacle Object Storage as an artifact source.

Spinnaker stages that read data from artifacts can consume Oracle Object Storage objects as artifacts.


If you have enabled Oracle Cloud provider in Spinnaker, you may use the same region, Tenancy’s OCID, user’s OCID, private key file, and fingerprint to enable Oracle Object Storage Artifact. You will need the following to enable Oracle Object Storage Artifact in Spinnaker:

Add Oracle Object Storage Artifact to Spinnaker

First, enable artifact support .

Next, add an artifact account:

hal config artifact oracle account add $ARTIFACT_ACCOUNT_NAME \
    --namespace $TENANCY_NAME \
    --fingerprint $API_KEY_FINGERPRINT \
    --region $REGION \
    --ssh-private-key-file-path $PRIVATE_KEY_FILE \
    --tenancy-id $TENANCY_OCID \
    --user-id $USER_OCID   

And enable Oracle Object Storage artifact support:

hal config artifact oracle enable

There are more options described here if you need more control over your configuration.