Filing issues

Please file issues through the Spinnaker GitHub issue tracker .

How to Become a Contributor

This is normally the place where we’d tell you about Contributor License Agreements and how you need to identify the right one and sign it before you are able to contribute code to Spinnaker.

We’ll probably end up doing something like this, but at the moment we’re exploring options that might make it easier for most of you to contribute. Please stay tuned…

In the meantime, if you’re really excited about contributing and don’t want to wait until we have all of this worked out, please reach out to us on Slack . We love accepting community patches!

For more details about the patch submission process, look at How to submit a patch .

How to run Spinnaker locally for development

Running Spinnaker locally on your machine is a great option for testing changes before submitting a pull request.

Follow the guide to setting up a dev environment to get up and running.



Guides for contributing to the Spinnaker documentation.

Getting Started as a Content Contributor

Code Of Conduct