The Spinnaker project was started at Netflix. Now, it thrives on the contributions of the broader DevOps community who have adopted it as their Continuous Delivery tool.

Engage the community and get support

Here are some ways to engage the Spinnaker community to find help or join us!


Start here! Many Spinnaker contributors and users are active on the Spinnaker Slack. It’s a great place to get answers to questions or start a discussion about a feature or topic. Good places to begin on Slack include the following channels:

  • A Special Interest Group (SIG) channel if there is a relevant one. SIGs are groups that focus on specific topics, such as #sig-security or #sig-documentation. All SIG Slack channels start with the prefix sig.
  • A narrowly focused channel, such as #auth
  • #general for general questions and discussion
  • #dev for help contributing to Spinnaker


The Spinnaker org with repos for all the services and documentation. Come here to contribute to Spinnaker!

After engaging with the community to work through a problem, we encourage you to help us improve Spinnaker. File an issue if appropriate or even submit a fix. Reasons you might file an issue include the following:

  • Your problem is due to a bug or limitation that is not documented
  • The documentation is confusing or missing
  • The behavior of a feature or field is unclear

You can file an issue here .

Project Governance

Spinnaker is an open source project owned and run by the community, through a structure of appointed roles. One important goal of this governance model is to make it easier for everyone to figure out how to get involved. If you want to get involved, we want to help you get there! As the project grows and its needs evolve, we will - as a community - continue to revisit and shape this structure.

You can read more about how you can get involved through project SIGs, roles, and standing committees in the Governance section.

Who’s using Spinnaker?


Get Help

FAQs and Governance Information

Stay Informed


Google Summer of Code

Information about working on Spinnaker as part of Google Summer of Code.