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Lab 5: Deployment Safeguards

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Goal: Understand some of the features built into Spinnaker for safer deployments

In this lab, we’re going to look at some manual and automated safeguards you can add to Spinnaker.

Manual Rollback

One of the more powerful features in Spinnaker is the ability to easily roll back a bad deployment in one step. Spinnaker can automatically roll back to a previous version if the version is still deployed but disabled.

  1. Navigate to the clusters view and select your active prod server group

  2. Select Server Group Actions->; Rollback

  3. Under Restore To, Select a previously disabled server group

  4. Click Submit

Check out the Tasks tab to see the specific steps Spinnaker took to roll back the cluster

Pipeline Safeguards

Adding a manual judgment

Manual judgment is useful when you need to control authorization to specific accounts, or you want a human to judge whether or not something should proceed. You can put a custom message in the manual judgment text to give humans context to make decisions

  1. Go to your deploy to prod pipeline and click on configure

  2. Click on Configuration (the first graph node), then Add Stage to add a manual judgment stage Clicking on Configuration ensures the new stage is added at the beginning.

  3. Enter some text for the instructions for this manual judgment stage

  4. Ensure Propagate Authentication is checked

  5. Make the stage run before the find image stage

    1. On manual judgment stage, ensure there are no stages in the Depends On list

    2. In the find image stage, change the depends on field to add the Manual Judgment stage

  6. Run your pipeline

    1. In the manual judgment, select stop. See what happens

    2. Run your pipeline again, this time selecting continue as your manual judgment option

Add a deployment window

Deployment windows are really useful if you have automated triggers but want a pipeline to only run at specific times (like, only deploy to production during the workday).

  1. Go to your deploy to dev pipeline

  2. Select the deploy stage

  3. Under the Execution Options header, check the Restrict execution to specific time windows

    1. Click on Add execution window

    2. Select a time of day that is 5 hours from now

    3. Save your pipeline

    4. Go back to the executions screen and run your deploy to dev pipeline

    5. See how the execution window stops at the deploy stage

    6. Mouse over the stage and click on Skip remaining window to start the pipeline immediately

  4. Click on the blue bar (your running execution) to see the steps the pipeline is taking

  5. Notice the Restrict execution during time window step that is already complete

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