Kubernetes Object

Kubernetes Object artifacts are running, deployed Kubernetes manifests. This is in contrast to something like a GitHub file that only contains the specification of a deployable Kubernetes manifest.

Kubernetes object artifact in the UI

The pipeline UI exposes the following fields for the Kubernetes object artifact:

Field Explanation
Account An HTTP artifact account.
URL The fully-qualified URL from which the file can be read.

Kubernetes object artifact in a pipeline definition

The following are the fields that make up a Kubernetes object artifact:

Field Explanation
type kubernetes/<kind>, where <kind> is the Kubernetes Kind (such as Deployment).
reference The name of the object.
name The name of the object.
version The version of the object. Only set if the resource was deployed with a version (for example, a ConfigMap deployed at version -v120).
location The namespace of the object.
artifactAccount The Spinnaker account (Kubernetes context) to which the object was deployed.

The following is an example JSON representation of a Kubernetes object artifact, as it would appear in a pipeline definition:

  "type": "kubernetes/deployment",
  "reference": "frontend",
  "name": "frontend",
  "namespace": "staging",
  "artifactAccount": "gke-us-central1-xnat"