Embedded Base64

Rather than refer to a resource by a URI, you can embed the artifact’s contents directly into the "reference" field in Base64.

Embedded Base64 artifact in the UI

The pipeline UI exposes the following fields for the embedded Base64 artifact:

Field Explanation
Account Always "embedded-artifact".
Name A human-readable identifier for the artifact.
Contents The Base64-encoded contents of the artifact.

In a trigger

When configuring a trigger, you can (for example) configure an embedded Base64 default artifact.

Providing an embedded Base64 default artifact for a trigger’s expected artifact.

In a pipeline stage

When configuring certain stages, such as a “Deploy (Manifest)” stage, you can use embedded Base64 for a required artifact. You can either use a previously-defined artifact (for example, an artifact defined in a trigger) or define an artifact inline.

Configuring a Deploy (Manifest) stage to use an embedded Base64 artifact.

Embedded Base64 artifact in a pipeline definition

The following are the fields that make up an embedded Base64 artifact:

Field Explanation
type Always embedded/base64.
reference The Base64-encoded artifact contents.
name An optional human-readable identifier.

The following is an example JSON representation of an embedded Base64 artifact, as it would appear in a pipeline definition:

  "type": "embedded/base64",
  "reference": "dmFsdWU6IDEKbXlrZXk6IG15dmFsdWU=",
  "name": "my-properties-file",