TaskExecutionInterceptor is a hook point to customize the specific execution of a task.

Before execute is called on a Task, all TaskExecutionInterceptors will be called. The resulting Stage object from beforeTaskExecution is passed to subsequent invocations of TaskExecutionInterceptor and then used for the invocation of execute on Task.

After a Task completes with a TaskResult, all TaskExecutionInterceptors are called. The resulting TaskResult is passed to subsequent invocations ot TaskExecutionInterceptor and the final TaskResult is used as the output of the task.

A TaskExecutionInterceptor can specify the maximum backoff that should be allowed. As an example, the LockExtendingTaskExecutionInterceptor needs to ensure that a task doesn't delay longer than the lock extension. The minimum maxTaskBackoff among all registered TaskExecutionInterceptors will be used to constrain the task backoff supplied by a RetryableTask.

public interface TaskExecutionInterceptor implements SpinnakerExtensionPoint


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hook that is called after a task executes successfully.

As an example you can modify the taskResult here before it gets propagated.

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hook that is called before a task executes.

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hook that is guaranteed to be called, even when a task throws an exception which will cause afterTaskExecution to not be called.

As an example you can clear the security context here if you set it in the beforeTaskExecution hook.

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Class<? extends SpinnakerExtensionPointgetExtensionClass()
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String getPluginId()
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hook that is called to program the collective maximum backoff of all TaskExecutionInterceptors. A retryable task has a backoff period which is configured by defaults and then constrained by the minimum backoff configured by all registered interceptors.

long maxTaskBackoff()