Triggering pipelines with Artifactory

This guide explains how to add a JFrog Artifactory trigger to your pipeline.

Currently, the Artifactory trigger only works with Maven artifacts.


This guide assumes you have the following:

Adding an Artifactory Trigger

  1. Create a pipeline.

  2. In the Configuration stage of your new pipeline, add a trigger.

  3. In the Type menu, select Artifactory. This brings up the following screen:

  4. In the Artifactory Name menu, select an Artifactory search.

  5. In the Artifact Constraints menu, select “Define a new artifact”. This brings up the following screen:

  6. Enter a name in the Display Name field or leave the autogenerated default.

  7. In the Account menu, select a Maven account.

  8. In the Maven Coordinate field, enter the Maven coordinates of the artifact.

  9. Click Save Artifact.