Visualize a Hydrated Pipeline

You can use spin CLI to visualize a pipeline created from a pipeline template without actually instantiating one.

When you do this, you are creating JSON output that looks like regular pipeline JSON (plus the template reference and hydrated variables), but you’re not creating the actual pipeline in Spinnaker.

Using spin pt plan

spin pipeline-templates plan --file <path to pipeline config>

  "application": "my-spinnaker-app"
  "stages": [...] # Evaluated pipeline config based on template config values.

…where <path to pipeline config> points to the file you created when you instantiated a pipeline based on the template.

Now what do I do with it?

Use the output JSON to visualize what your resulting pipeline config will look like after you instantiate it. When you’re ready, you can save it as a pipeline in Spinnaker:

spin pipeline save --file <path to pipeline config>

Next steps