Development Environment

This section contains the following content:

  • Common Internals: Spinnaker is built as a collection of microservices, all of these services share a common foundation. This page enumerates, at a high-level, what foundations the Spinnaker services are built atop.
  • Kork Library: Kork is a common library used across multiple Spinnaker components. This guide is meant for developers who need to make changes to Kork, test those changes locally in the component that relies on those changes, and deploy those changes once they’ve been submitted.
  • Getting Set Up for Spinnaker Development: This page describes the steps a Developer should take to fetch Spinnaker’s codebase and get set up to work on it.
  • Getting Set Up for Spinnaker Development on AWS: This guide describes how a developer can set up a Local Git deployment of Spinnaker on Amazon EC2.