Demo/Evaluation Installations

Quickstart solutions that gives you the ability to try Spinnaker out quickly. These are not meant for production use as is.

If you want to install Spinnaker on Lightweight Kubernetes (K3s) for proofs of concept, see the open source project Minnaker . You can install Spinnaker in about 10 minutes in a local or cloud VM.

Options for installing Spinnaker in Kubernetes:

  • Spinnaker Operator for Kubernetes is an open source Kubernetes Operator for deploying and managing Spinnaker. You can install a basic version of Spinnaker or use Kustomize files for advanced configuration.
  • Spinnaker Operator is an open source Helm chart for installing Spinnaker.
  • Kubernetes Helm Chart **As of Nov 13, 2020, charts in this repo are no longer updated. **

Guides for installing Spinnaker in specific cloud environments:

These guides may contain outdated content.

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