Spinnaker supports Wercker as a continuous integration system.

Wercker is a cloud CI system, which can be enabled within Spinnaker as a pipeline trigger and also as a pipeline stage. The setup required is described below.


To enable Wercker integration in Spinnaker, you will need to have:

  • A login to Wercker, which can be set up here .
  • A Wercker “personal token” to provide to Spinnaker so that it can access the Wercker API on your behalf. Personal tokens can be generated on Wercker by logging in and visiting your “Settings” page.

Add a Wercker ‘Master’ to Spinnaker Using Halyard

A “master” is a connection to Wercker from Spinnaker. It consists of the Wercker URL and credentials.

  1. First, make sure that the Wercker CI integration is enabled:

    hal config ci wercker enable
  2. If you’re using Spinnaker 1.19 or earlier, enable the Wercker stage by adding the following to your Deck custom profile :

     window.spinnakerSettings.feature.wercker = true;
  3. Next, add a Wercker master i.e. a connection to Wercker from Spinnaker.

    hal config ci wercker master add mywercker1
        --address https://app.wercker.com/ 
        --user myuserid 
  4. Apply your changes:

    hal deploy apply

Wercker as Pipeline Trigger

When configuring a Spinnaker Pipeline, Wercker is available as one of the automated trigger type options. You can select a Wercker master that you configured earlier, and then choose from the applications and pipelines available for the configured master’s credentials. When the selected Wercker pipeline completes, it will trigger the Spinnaker pipeline.

Wercker as Pipeline Stage

When adding a pipeline stage , Wercker is available as one of the stage types in Spinnaker. For details, see the pipeline stage reference

Main Wercker Site

Wercker Documentation

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