Spinnaker supports using Azure for persisting your Application settings and configured Pipelines.

We highly recommend relying on Minio instead of Redis if you are looking for a local persistant storage solution for Spinnaker. The Redis storage implementation is untested and unsupported by anyone in the Spinnaker community.”

Redis can be used as Spinnaker’s persistent storage source, but it is unsupported and not recommended for production use-cases because it mixes fungible, short-lived cache entries with the Pipeline and Application data that deploy all of your infrastructure. This means you will have to be extra careful when clearing your Spinnaker Redis cache.


Currently, Halyard only allows you to use the Redis instance that Halyard provisions/installs on your behalf. While this is likely to change, for you don’t need to preconfigure anything to get this storage source working.

Editing your storage settings

All that’s needed is the following command:

hal config storage edit --type redis

Next steps

After you’ve set up Redis as your external storage service, you’re ready to deploy Spinnaker .