Azure Storage

Spinnaker supports using Azure for persisting your Application settings and configured Pipelines.

Using Azure Storage (AZS) as a storage source means that Spinnaker will store all of its persistent data in a Storage Account .


The next steps assume the use of the Azure CLI 2.0 in order to create a Storage Account. You can check that you have az installed by running:

az --version

First, log in and set your subscription:

az login
az account list
az account set --subscription <Insert Subscription ID>

Next, create a resource group for your Storage Account. Make sure to specify a location (e.g. westus) available in your account:

az account list-locations --query [].name
az group create --name $RESOURCE_GROUP --location <Insert Location>

Finally, create your storage account, using a globally unique name:

az storage account create --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP --sku STANDARD_LRS --name $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME
STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY=$(az storage account keys list --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP --account-name $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME --query [0].value | tr -d '"')

Editing your storage settings

First, edit the storage settings:

hal config storage azs edit \
  --storage-account-name $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME \
  --storage-account-key $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY

There are more options described here if you need more control over your configuration.

Finally, set the storage source to AZS:

hal config storage edit --type azs

Next steps

After you’ve set up Azure Storage as your storage service, you’re ready to deploy Spinnaker .

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