Back Up Your Config

Create a backup of your Halyard config so that you can redeploy Spinnaker any time with the same configurations.

Once you are happy with your configured Spinnaker, you probably want an easy way to reproduce/redeploy it that doesn’t couple you to the VM that Halyard is installed on.

Most of Halyard’s state is stored in the ~/.hal directory for every deployment of Spinnaker that it’s managing. However, things like credential files or paths to user data may appear in different folders on your file system. This makes backing up the state of Spinnaker via Halyard tricky to do by hand… luckily, Halyard has a solution.

At any point in time, you can run

hal backup create

This will produce a tar file that contains all linked local files, and a modified halconfig file that points to the local files within the tarball.

:warning: This includes all secrets you’ve supplied to hal. Keep this safe!

Given that tar file, you can at any time for any machine/user running Halyard run

hal backup restore --backup-path <backup-name>.tar

and Halyard will expand & replace the existing ~/.hal directory with the backup.

:warning: Keep in mind that if you run hal backup create and hal backup restore in succession on the same machine, links to local files will be rewritten to point to those in a ~/.hal/.backup/required-files directory.

Next steps

After this step is done, you can use Spinnaker to create pipelines and deploy software, but there are some further configuration steps you’re likely to need.

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