Kubernetes Object

Kubernetes Object artifacts are running, deployed Kubernetes manifests. This is in contrast to something like a GitHub file that only contains the specification of a deployable Kubernetes manifest.

Kubernetes object artifact in the UI

The pipeline UI exposes the following fields for the Kubernetes object artifact:

AccountAn HTTP artifact account.
URLThe fully-qualified URL from which the file can be read.

Kubernetes object artifact in a pipeline definition

The following are the fields that make up a Kubernetes object artifact:

typekubernetes/<kind>, where <kind> is the Kubernetes Kind (such as Deployment).
referenceThe name of the object.
nameThe name of the object.
versionThe version of the object. Only set if the resource was deployed with a version (for example, a ConfigMap deployed at version -v120).
locationThe namespace of the object.
artifactAccountThe Spinnaker account (Kubernetes context) to which the object was deployed.

The following is an example JSON representation of a Kubernetes object artifact, as it would appear in a pipeline definition:

  "type": "kubernetes/deployment",
  "reference": "frontend",
  "name": "frontend",
  "namespace": "staging",
  "artifactAccount": "gke-us-central1-xnat"