Guides to help you use the Kubernetes provider.

Annotation-Driven UI

Use Kubernetes annotations to surface Kubernetes resource information in Deck.

Configure Automated Rollbacks in the Kubernetes Provider

Create automated rollbacks.

Best Practices for the Kubernetes Provider

Best practices for using the Kubernetes provider.

Deploy Helm Charts

Use Spinnaker to create Helm charts for your applications.

Deploy Kubernetes Manifests

Deploy a Kubernetes manifest using the Kubernetes provider.

Manage Traffic Using Kubernetes Manifests

Manage traffic during deployments.

Parameterize Kubernetes Manifests

Inject parameters into your Kubernetes manifest as it is deployed.

Patch Kubernetes Manifests

Update a Kubernetes resource in place using the Patch Manifest stage.

Rollout Strategies

Use a dark, Highlander, or blue/green rollout strategy in the Kubernetes provider.

Run Job (Manifest) Stage

Use this stage to execute a Kubernetes job in your pipeline.

Use Kustomize for Manifests

Use Kustomize to generate a custom manifest to use in your Deploy (Manifest) stage.