Flying Edition 1

Hi! Welcome to the Spinnaker Newsletter, your source for info about the project and community. We’ll focus on news for Spinnaker users, operators, and contributors.

Flying Edition 2

This month’s issue focuses on ways that cloud providers, project governors, contributors, and operators have laid groundwork to make 2020 Spinnaker’s best year ever. With telemetry, a plugin framework, a hackathon, and new ways to install, manage, and integrate with Spinnaker, we’re ready to share the most mature and capable continuous delivery platform with literally everyone.

Flying Edition 3

This month’s issue focuses Spinnaker’s strong open source DNA. Spinnaker builds a bridge between the collaboration story at the core of Linux culture and the powerful cloud economy that has leveraged it to transform software delivery. Open source community efforts to build native Kubernetes|Spinnaker integration highlight this unique strength.

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