Next Release Preview

Please make a pull request to describe any changes you wish to highlight in the next release of Spinnaker. These notes will be prepended to the release changelog.

Coming Soon in Release 1.22

(Breaking Change) Suffix no longer added to jobs created by Kubernetes Run Job stage

Spinnaker no longer automatically appends a unique suffix to the name of jobs created by the Kubernetes Run Job stage. Prior to this release, if you specified my-job, Spinnaker would update the name to my-job-[random-string] before deploying the job to Kubernetes. As of this release, the job’s name will be passed through to Kubernetes exactly as supplied.

To continue having a random suffix added to the job name, set the metadata.generateName field instead of, which causes the Kubernetes API to append a random suffix to the name.

This change is particularly important for users who are using the preconfigured job stage for Kubernetes, or who are otherwise sharing job stages among different pipelines. In these cases, jobs are often running concurrently, and it is important that each job have a unique name. In order to retain the previous behavior, these users will need to manually update their Kubernetes job manifests to use the generateName field.

Users of Spinnaker >= 1.20.3 can opt in to this new behavior by setting false in their clouddriver-local.yml.

As of Spinnaker 1.22, this new behavior is the default. Users can still opt out of the new behavior by setting true in their clouddriver-local.yml. This will cause Spinnaker to continue to append a suffix to the name of jobs as in prior releases.

The ability to opt out of the new behavior will be removed in Spinnaker 1.23. The above setting will have no effect, and Spinnaker will no longer append a suffix to job names. It is thus strongly recommended that 1.22 users who opt out update any necessary jobs and remove the setting before upgrading to Spinnaker 1.23.

Spinnaker’s UI has changed! An application’s nested menus are now represented as a flat list on the left side of the browser window. The menu can also be collapsed into a condensed view. This allows for better utilization of screen real-estate, and support for any number of additional application pages. As plugin support continues to improve, we hope this refresh to the navigation will give you more flexibility within the UI to make Spinnaker your own. This update also includes changes to the overall layout and design of some application pages to take better advantage of larger screen sizes.

This change should not introduce any interruptions to a vanilla install of deck. However, if you’ve already made navigational changes to your group’s instance of deck or created custom banners/headers for your app, you may need to make updates. The pattern for creating new routes in the side nav can be observed in the feature’s PR: