Hackathon Activities at Spinnaker Gardening Days #communityHack

What to hack

Not sure where to get started contributing to Spinnaker? May we suggest these points-eligible contributions:

  • Hack on your team’s project as part of our 4 challenges!

  • Visit the list of beginner-friendly Spinnaker issues. Each issue has a Slack channel referencing the issue number (e.g. #gardening-team-issue-5357). Check the channel to collaborate.

  • Create a custom-stage plugin and familiarize yourself with using the framework. This uses the new SimpleStage extension point to add your custom pipeline stage to Spinnaker. Read more in the Plugin Creators Guide.

  • Stop by the #sig-documentation Slack channel if you want to help out with work related to the spinnaker.io website refresh!

  • Open issues, comment on issues and PRs to provide context, and review PRs in the Spinnaker organization.

  • Add quality answers to questions tagged “Spinnaker” on StackOverflow. End your answers with the suggestion that users join Spinnaker Slack. To get points for your answers, share question links in the #gardening-general channel and indicate your username.

  • Share a tip in #spinnaker-tips for a strong chance to be featured on our home page. Include your twitter handle for a mention!

  • Share a Spinnaker news item, tutorial, or tweet link in #spinnaker-news on Spinnaker Slack to help us build the next edition of Flying, the Spinnaker Newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter, too!

    • Create a video, tutorial, or stream on something you know how to do in Spinnaker, even if it’s really small. We have a great need for more short (0-5 minutes) training videos for Spinnaker, especially on the basics. Cloudapp is really useful for quickly making training videos. Share a link to your content in #gardening-generalwith a note that you created it.
  • Sign up to receive Flying, the Spinnaker Newsletter.

  • Set up a Spinnaker development environment as described here or using another method. Share a screenshot or clip of your environment in action in #gardening-general. Help us improve this documentation by opening issue(s) or submitting PRs.

  • Update library version dependencies. Ask in #gardening-ineedhelp channel for guidance.

  • Run through a Spinnaker codelab. Document and file any issues you encounter here when you come across them. Share your progress in #gardening-general.

  • Drop in to #sig- channels and ask what they are working on to learn more.