Hackathon Logistics at Spinnaker Gardening Days

We’re evolving the way we garden together. Follow these guidelines to be eligible for prizes and charitable donations all week long, and set us up for maximum community impact.

Register for the Event

Now when you register for Gardening Days, you will answer a set of questions that the Match advisors will use to place you on a team. The week of the event, we will notify registrants of their team placement to confirm participation and provide Slack introductions to teammates. Teams can connect with the Match advisors prior to the event kickoff for help in choosing a project.

Hackathon Attendee Rewards

All participants earn points, redeemable for prizes, for each individual contribution they make from 12 AM PDT July 16th through 11 AM PDT July 23rd. Review the list of eligible contributions to see what’s eligible—pull requests are most welcome, but count on other ways to add value.

Hackathon Challenges

Along with individual rewards, we will award team prizes based on an anonymous poll of the Experts panel on demo day. Our prize sponsors will award First Prize and Runner-up prize packages in each challenge category, to be shared among the winning teams.

Team Challenges

  • Retrofit 500 Challenge
    • Pairs of developers team up to ID and address their most common 500 error(s)
    • Teams add descriptive error messages and bugfixes
  • Plugin Challenge
    • Teams of developers build plugins to customize Spinnaker
    • Armory Plugins Team and Platforms SIG mentor plugin projects chosen by Match advisors
  • Automate Your SDLC Challenge
    • Teams of developers discover ways to automate their SDLCs with Spinnaker, using cloud drivers, pipeline triggers, webhook and Jenkins stages, and more
    • Teams create content for the Spinnaker community, such as video, blog, Twitch, and Slack streams
  • SIG Challenges
    • SIGs that schedule special sessions choose a project or issue in their domain and compete
    • Attendees bring problems and ideas to Special Session meetings to join SIG teams

The Spinnaker-Hackathon Organization

Create repositories

Starting fresh with some new plugin code, or writing a tutorial? Create all new project repositories in Spinnaker-Hackathon. Name your repo with a descriptive project string that you’ll use in your Slack channel name. Note: Your GitHub handle will be added as a member to the Spinnaker-Hackathon organization after registration, and you must register to receive repository creation privileges if this is your first Spinnaker Gardening Days.

Fork Spinnaker repositories

Need to fork an existing Spinnaker project(s) to hack? Fork into the Spinnaker-Hackathon: where to fork When it’s time to submit a pull request, do so from your fork. Read more on best practices in fork & pull request workflows.