Spinnaker Gardening Days #communityHack



Register for Spinnaker Gardening Days to join our hackathon and earn rewards for your Spinnaker contributions July 16-23.


Gardening Days rewards new and veteran contributors for building the Spinnaker ecosystem. All contributions attendees make in the week add up to points. This includes project and plugin code, documentation, content, videos, issues and more. All registered contributors will receive prizes based on their point totals, so contribute when you can. When you sign up, you’ll be matched with a team. Teams can choose a project and compete in one of four challenge categories. Teams that demo a project will be eligible for prize packages awarded to challenge-winning teams and runners-up in each category.

Elevate your impact with free compute from AWS, SIG projects in Security, Ops, and more, a global-friendly schedule, and updated documentation and training resources.

Jump In!

  • Join Spinnaker Slack to chat in event & team channels. Have questions? Ask them in #gardening-general, our main event channel.
  • Find out how weeklong Gardening Days 2.0 will work on the Hackathon logistics page. Get inspired by these challenges:
    • Fix Bugs & Error Messages Retrofit 500 Challenge

      Fix the most commonly occurring 500 errors.

    • Extend Spinnaker Plugin Challenge

      Work with Armory engineers to customize Spinnaker with a plugin.

    • Share Content Automate Your SDLC Challenge

      Share your Spinnaker with technical content.

    • Join a SIG Project SIG Challenges

      Everyone’s welcome! Join a SIG team by showing up at a Special Session SIG meeting:

      • Documentation SIG - Wednesday July 15, 10:30 AM PDT Share docs feedback and develop content for Spinnaker.io.

      • Security SIG - Thursday July 16, 11 AM PDT Discuss and develop threat models for Spinnaker deployment endpoints.

      • Ops SIG - Thursday July 16, 10 AM PDT Build a Spinnaker customization to automate dynamic accounts configuration.

  • Look for your team match message in Spinnaker Slack July 14-15. Introduce yourself!
  • The What to hack page list all eligible contributions types.
  • Check the Master schedule to see our more time-zone inclusive global schedule.
  • The updated Slack map has a shorter, sweeter list of Slack channels to engage in.
  • Set up your Development environment using this guide.
  • Dive into Developing plugins with this training series.
  • Gardening project repositories should live in the Spinnaker-hackathon Github organization.

To attend Spinnaker Gardening Days, you’ll need Zoom. See Zoom’s “Joining a Meeting” documentation to learn how to join.


  1. No racist or other hate speech, put-downs, or sexual content allowed in hackathon meetings or channels. Keep it classy and remember, we all have the same intrinsic value.
  2. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, ask for help in #gardening-ineedhelp, or try something new. This is a safe space!